August ’09 News


As we write we are conscious that there are four parish vacancies in the Diocese at present and each is equally deserving of a new rector, so each should be prayed for - this parish of Kinneigh Union, Ballydehob Union, Kilgariffe Union and Templebreedy Group.

H1N1 Influenza

Following on the interim advice of the Archbishops and Bishops regarding safeguards to take whilst the risk of infection remains, we will suspend the traditional hand shaking at The Peace in Holy Communion but continue sharing the peace with the usual spoken greeting.


When this issue of the Diocesan Magazine hits the pews, our schools will have started their autumn term. Whilst we retain concern at the possible effects on the educational system that may arise from the implementation of the McCarthy report and An Bord Snip we welcome those who are beginning their school life and pray that they may find their years at either Ballymoney or Desertserges National Schools enjoyable as well as educational. In Ballymoney we welcome Ms. Fiona Doyle as a substitute teacher for Lisa Hawkins, who is on maternity leave, and welcome back principal Shireen Rountree and congratulate her on her marriage during the summer. Whilst there is no change we are aware of at Desertserges we welcome back principal Wendy Sweeney and assistant Diane Walsh.


Following on the necessary repairs to St. Patrick's it was decided to hold a Gift Day on 9th August. One can only say that the response has been amazing with over €5,000 offered on the collection plates followed by over €3,000 in subsequent donations at time of writing. Such giving reflects the great generosity to be met throughout Kinneigh Union and which encompasses charities abroad as well as at home (see next item as an example). I am led to echo St. Paul's words in 2 Cor. 8 v 3 “For I testify that they gave as much as they were able, and even beyond their ability”.

Open Garden, Coffee Day and Vintage Display

We have already reported on the success of the Open Day on 21st June last at the home of Frank and Valerie Jennings and have related some of Valerie's own remarkable story (see June issue). Since then contributions continued to arrive so that recently Valerie and Frank were able to hand over €8035 to Yvonne Davidson and Ber Ryan, directors of A.C.T. at Cork University Hospital. For their part Frank and Valerie would like to sincerely thank everyone who supported them and helped them in any way to make the Open Day such a success. For our part we must mention that since the Open Days were started just a few years ago by Valerie and Frank they have raised over €35,000 for this important cause. A wonderful achievement.

New Life

On 9th August we baptised into Christ and welcomed Anna O'Halloran as the newest member his church. The happy occasion took place in the context of Holy Communion in Christ Church, Kilmeen with a congregation boosted by members of both Jason's and Elizabeth's (nee Buttimer) families. Perhaps proudest of all was Anna's uncle Andrew Buttimer who along with Rosemary Logie, David O'Halloran and Hilary Buttimer took on the responsibility of being godparents.


On the 31st of July David Beattie was married to Eileen O'Driscoll in the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Enniskeane. The 31st of July was a day of unremitting rain that curtailed any opportunity to record the event outside the church or to extend the celebrations to the open to take advantage of the wonderful setting of Dunmore House, which was the venue for the reception. Nevertheless good humour prevailed throughout the day, which the weather could not spoil. We wish David and Eileen well in their married life together as they plan to set up home near Coppeen.

New Parish Website

Colin Cooper, our intrepid webmaster has revamped and relaunched the Parish website (see masthead). It is intended to regularly update the site so do make regular visits. We thank Colin for all his work.

Children's Church/Sunday School

It is planned to reopen Sunday School again at Kinneigh and Farranthomas in September. We thank Edith Draper for all her work in organising and running the Sunday School rota and all who help her keep this important part of Parish life alive and well.

Mother's Union

The Mother's Union Opening Service and Overseas Sale is to be held in the St. Paul Parish Centre on Tuesday 15th September at 8.30 pm.

Harvest Thanksgiving

Whilst each church in the Union will have a service with a harvest theme over the Sundays in September, the main United Service of Harvest Thanksgiving will have taken place in Kilmeen on 23rd August. We will report on this in next month's notes.


August 9th: In Christ Church, Kilmeen - Anna Jean Linda, daughter of Jason and Elizabeth O'Halloran

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