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All Saints/All Souls (2nd November) saw a great many people in St Bartholomew's Church, Kinneigh, giving thanks for loved ones who have died and remembering those who we would wish to call saints in our own lives. The Communion Table was laden with night lights and Holy Communion celebrated with extra care! This was echoed on the 11th day of the 11th month and the 90th anniversary of the armistice or ceasefire of the First World War, with an increased public awareness of the sacrifice of those who took part.

Rector’s Departure

This Rector is now sorting through her files, papers and photographs, all sorts of memories come to mind of her being over six years here. At the same time as she picks up with contacts concerning her new appointment in Gloucestershire, so other memories come back as people there say ‘welcome back.' Life goes on and everyone is another six years ‘down the line' as it were, so going back to Gloucestershire will be another new start with many new things to learn. The excitement and challenges of a new parish and new people to get to know, is of course balanced by the sadness of leaving the now familiar and people here who have shown great kindness.

The Rector's last Sunday will be 10.30am 18th January at St Mary's Desertserges. It is also being planned for the Bishop to come and rededicate the newly restored tower at St Mary's Desertserges that day. It would be splendid to have as many of you there as possible for this occasion.

Friends of St Mary's

We have set out to do what we set out to do! Phase One of the restoration of St Mary's is completed and we owe no one any outstanding bills to pay! The tower is looking splendid and is weatherproof; new emergency and safety lighting is in place, a lock-away safety ladder is now in the trap door to the balcony and new tarmacadam is on its way for the outside path. There will be a rest now from fundraising as we await the outcome of a grant application for the roof (Phase Two.) However St Mary's still needs funding for its building maintenance (as do all our churches.)The Bandon Art Group is holding another exhibition at Hosford's Garden Centre until 8th Jan - proceeds to St Mary's. Again a BIG THANK YOU to everyone, especially the wider community for all your generosity to St Mary's. We may all groan when we think of fundraising, but it has certainly brought together a sense of community spirit and new life. Don't let that spirited liveliness go!!

Desertserges NS

Next door to St Mary's we have seen the school double in size as a new extension has been added this year and very impressive it looks too! There will be an Open Day on the 16th January when the Bishop will dedicate the new building. More details to follow.

Ballymoney NS

We celebrated fifty years of the present building on 25th November (11th November was the actual date of the official opening in 1958.) The school's history is of course much older, having been originally housed in what we now call St Paul's Church Centre. At the time of writing the children are making great plans for this special day and will be raising funds for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) having had a recent trip to Courtmacsherry Harbour.

Ecumenical Carol Service

The Ecumenical Carol Service this year will be on Friday 19th December, 8pm, at Enniskeane Church and the collection to be divided between Enniskeane and Kinneigh Churches. This is always an imaginative service with our local ecumenical choir Cór Inis Chéin. Do support!

Outside Giving

In spite of seemingly to be obsessed with buildings we also remember our outside charities, aid and missionary giving. During November we have had a series of retiring collections and the Bishop's Appeal envelopes now need to be returned. We will also have had James Price from CMS with us on 30th November at Christ Church, Kilmeen. Next year we had hoped to host a Romanian exchange with the Youth Club based in Kinneigh Union - this will go ahead but with Rector having gone, this project will probably be based in another Union together with the guidance of the Diocesan Youth Officer and CMS.

Luscious Legs

Newcestown Friendship Group are selling their daring 2009 calendar ‘Luscious Legs' - obtainable from Betty Smith (021 7338177) at €10 each. Proceeds to local churches.

Happy Christmas!

Amid all the festivities and ‘jollies' of this month, we remember we are in Advent which is an expectant time of quiet preparation and waiting. There was a time when Christmas festivities didn't start until Christmas Eve itself - then there was the full festive Twelve Days of Christmas which brought us to the Epiphany. However you celebrate Christmas, may you find great joy.


7th November – Phillip Willis at Christ Church, Kilmeen

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