June ’08 News

Confirmation A good supportive turn out for our eight candidates Thomas, Aisling, Frances, Laura, Andrew, Sarah, Meave, Gemma at Kinneigh on Sunday 6th of May at St Bartholomew's Kinneigh.

Annual General Easter Vestry Meeting This was on Sunday, 15th April, in St Bartholomew's Church, Kinneigh, after the Eucharist. The Rector reported on the Bishop's Visitation Questionnaire results. Frances Stanley presented the Accounts. The following were elected as Select Vestry Members – John Anderson, Annie Bateman, Liz Levis Collins, Jean Buttimer, Stephen Buttimer, Caroline Fogarty, Hilda Ross, John Schofield, Harold Shorten, Kenneth Shorten, Ralph Shorten and Frances Stanley. We welcomed Liz Levis Collins as a newcomer to the Union. The following were re-elected as Church Wardens - Valerie Jennings, Graham Garland for St. Mary's, Desertserges; Billy Shorten, Rosie Appelbe for St. Patrick's, Farranthomas; Betty Kingston, Francis Buttimer for Christ Church, Kilmeen; William Duke, Dorothy Draper for St. Bartholomew's, Kinneigh. At the new Select Vestry meeting afterwards the following were re-elected as Treasurers - Frances Stanley (Union Treasurer and Kilmeen); Lily Shorten (Missions and Farranthomas); Hilda Ross (Desertserges); Kenneth Strickland (Kinneigh) and Rosie Appelbe (Glebe Account.) Jean Buttimer was re-elected as Secretary to the Select Vestry.

This year's Easter Vestry was one mainly of re-elections. Next year (the end of the present triennial period) we hope for a good number of different people putting themselves forward for election and for a good voting all round! No one must feel they are in a certain position for ever! Voluntary blocks of (renewable) three years, is the present understanding in this Union.

Repairs to the tower at St Mary's Desertserges. The bushy growth of ivy and the free access with which pigeons presently enjoy at the top of the tower, together with the dangerous state of the bell hangings, is of real concern. Money will have to be raised (regretfully there are no savings hidden away for Desertserges!) - More about this in next month's magazine. You help and generosity will be wanted and much appreciated.

Table Tennis - On 17th May the club in Kinneigh celebrated its 50th year in existence, with past/present members and guests including those from our twinned club in Goudelin, France.The past season has been another successful one for the club, winning the A League and runners up in the B Grade. The A Team was Booby Buttimer, Norman Giles, Joe Kelleher, Darragh Foley, Leon Reid, Ivan Shorten and Alan Hurley. The B Team was Karen Dukelow, Sinead Hennessy, Ina Shorten, David Shorten, John Duke and Donald Giles. Four juniors were selected for their respective Munster Teams while four seniors were also selected for the Under 21 Senior and Vets. Teams. They were – Alan Hurley, Emma-Jane Helen, Ivan and Andrea Shorten. Andrea was also the recipient of an Evening Echo sports award for March/April. Well done everybody!

Open Garden and Coffee Day will take place at the home of Frank and Valerie Jennings, Cashel Beg, Enniskeane on Sunday 24th June from 10am - 8pm. All proceeds to Aid Cancer Treatment at Cork University Hospital.

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