Newsletter – September / October 2021

Warmest greetings to you all as we begin a new term. I sincerely hope that you had a wonderful summer break and that you are all set for the new academic year and all the exciting times that lay ahead. We thank God that the vast majority of people have been vaccinated, thus allowing for the easing of the Covid restrictions. Our most sincere thanks and appreciation goes to all the medical staff in the various centres who’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that this was achieved. We’ve come a long way but are still advised to be very cautious in our behaviour as we interact with each other. We have every confidence that God, who is ever faithful, will continue to protect us as we journey into the future.

Beginning in September, there will be 2 online Bible study courses taking place within Kilgariffe Union, Fanlobbus Union and Kinneigh Union. Further details are in this newsletter and I would like to encourage you to consider
taking part.

As the days get increasingly shorter and the evenings lengthen, may we be reminded of God’s love for us by coming into the world to be with us in human form, to show us how to live our lives to the fullest (John 10 vs 10) and to lead us into eternal life with Him.
God bless.
Rev. Ivan

THE FIVE MARKS OF MISSION – Mark of Mission No. 4
TRANSFORM -to transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and to pursue peace and reconciliation.

The symbol for this mark of mission is a broken chain. In its more extreme form, Transforming unjust structures could be challenging slavery or human trafficking in our world today. In todays’ terms it is anything that we do to challenge
injustice or unfairness in our family, community among our neighbours or in our society. God made a perfect world, with no unfairness, injustice or preferential treatment. As a result of our own disobedience and the effect of going our way for generations, injustice and unfairness has creeped into our culture and society. Challenging these issues brings us closer to the original way that God created our world to be. This why it is close to God’s heart to challenge things that are wrong in our world and try to put them right.

What might be unfair or unjust practices in your situation; your family, your community, workplace or school, Think about them and what could be done to improve the situation and bring about a change that would make the situation fairer or more just?


The next meeting is on Thursday 9th September at 8.30pm in St. Paul’s Community Centre, Ballineen. As well of looking after the welfare of the Union they have been considering some procedures and policies that they need to adopt in order to be ready to register as a charity independently of the Diocese. We have to apply to the Charities Regulator for our own Parish Charity Number as at present we are using the Diocesan Charity Number to reclaim your income tax on donations to the union.

In order to be ready to for this later in the year, we need to adopt a series of Policies and Procedures to ensure that we are compliant with the Charities Governance Code. There will be more work to do in this area in the coming months as we prepare for our registration.


There is a Coffee morning and Country Produce sale at Moviddy Rectory (P31 TR04) on Saturday 11th September from 11.00am to 1.00pm. All proceeds in aid of Parish Funds.


Will be on Sunday 31st October at 11.00am and will be a united service at St. Bartholomew’s, Kinneigh.


Mothers’ Union are holding a sponsored walk to raise funds which will allow them to issue grants for local Mother’s Union Projects in Ireland. It is called 21-in-21, where our Diocesan Mother’s Union President, Mrs Hilary Dring will be doing 21 5km walks in 2021.Hilary will be coming to Kinneigh Union on Wednesday 27th October at 10.30am. We will meet at St, Paul’s Community Centre to go on a 5km walk. Come and join us for a walk and a chat.


Rev. Ivan and Raylene will be on leave from the 13th September to the 13th October. 

During this period Rev. David Bowles is covering 13th -17th Sept (089-2364969) and Rev. Cliff Jeffers is covering 18th Sept.-13th Oct. (087-2390849) will be providing pastoral cover.

As our services will be covered by visiting clergy/lay then some of the services could be changed as follows: 

19th September will be Morning Prayer services.

26th September and 3rd October will be Holy Communion services.

10th October will be Morning Prayer services.


The Alpha Course will take place on Tuesday evenings, starting on the 28th September. It will be led by Rev. Kingsley Sutton with other Rectors taking Part in leading discussion groups.

Rev. Cliff will be leading a follow-on group from those who did Alpha and Bible Study online over the last 12 months. This course will focus on discovering our unique “SHAPE” for serving God in our lives. It will be looking at our spiritual gifts, abilities and experiences and how these can be used to serve God in our church, community and families. The course starts on Thursday 23rd September and will be offered online using zoom.

To register for either of the courses, please contact Rev. Cliff Jeffers by email ( text (087-2390849) in the coming weeks.


Ruth Buttimer is holding a raffle in place of her usual Coffee Day to raise funds for Marymount Hospice.

Tickets are available from:

Ruth Buttimer 086-4044262

Frances Stanley 086-1681635 

There will be a variety of prizes on offer and tickets cost €5.00 for 3 strips.

The raffle will be drawn on the 22nd September. Your support would be very much appreciated.


Our pupils back to school and we are delighted to welcome four new pupils to junior infants – Eli Sutton, Eliza Canty, Lydia O’Mahony and Maia Vowles-Burrows. While life is beginning to return to normal for most people, primary school pupils are not vaccinated yet. We will continue to ensure that social distancing and additional sanitising continues in our classrooms in accordance with the Department of Education Guidelines. Last year proved that we can still have lots of fun learning together in different innovative ways. Let’s try and make this school year as exciting and rewarding.


On Sunday August 8th the son of Richard and Mary Jennings, Harry Richard Jack Jennings was baptised at St Bartholomew’s Church, Kinneigh. We give thanks to God for Harry and pray that the Lord be with him, his sister Sophie, his parents, godparents and grandparents.


Just seven weeks short of his 90th birthday on God’s Day of rest Sunday 13th June 2021, Paul Ross passed away peacefully in Cork University Hospital. On Thursday 17th June following a Service of Thanksgiving for a full and active life Paul was laid to rest in St. Bartholomew’s church graveyard, Kinneigh. He was the beloved husband of the late Linda nee Deane. We extend our sympathies and prayers to his son Aidan, daughter Caroline and Willie his brother Stanley, wider family, friends, neighbours and members of the parish. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.


5th September
Trinity 14
12th September
Trinity 15
19th September
Trinity 16
26th September
Trinity 17

James 2: 1-10, 14-17
Psalm 125Mark 7: 24-37
James 3: 1-12
Psalm 19Mark 8: 27-38
James 3:13 – 4:3,7-8a
Psalm 1Mark 9: 30-37 
James 5: 13-20
Psalm 124Mark 9: 38-50

Holy Communion
Holy Communion

Morning Prayer
Morning Prayer
Morning Prayer
Holy Communion


Thurs 9th 8.30pm       Select Vestry, St. Paul’s Community Centre

Sat 11th 11am – 1pm Moviddy Coffee Morning

Sun 19th       Services – both Morning Prayer

Wed 22nd       Marymount Raffle Draw

Thurs 23rd 8.30pm       Bible Study / SHAPE group (see notes for details)

Sun 26th       Services – both Holy Communion

Tues 28th 8.30pm       Start of online Alpha Course (see notes for details)

Thurs 30th       General Synod (online)


3rd October
Trinity 18
10th October
Trinity 19
17th October
Trinity 20
24th October
Last Sunday of Trinity
31st October

Hebrews 1:1-4; 2:5-12
Psalm 26
Mark 10: 2-16
Hebrews 4:12-16
Psalm 22: 1-15
Mark 10: 17-31
Hebrews 5:1-10
Psalm 104: 1-10,26,37cMark 10: 35-45
Hebrews 7:23-28
Psalm 34: 1-8
Mark 10: 46-52
Revelations 21: 1-6a
Psalm 24
John 11: 32-44

Holy Communion
Morning Prayer 
Holy Communion
Morning Prayer

Harvest Festival

Morning Prayer
Morning Prayer
Holy Communion


Friday 1st       General Synod (online)

Sat 2nd       General Synod (online)

Sun 3rd       Services – both Holy Communion

Sun 10th       Services – both Morning Prayer

Wed 27th 10.30am       Mother’s Union Walk, St. Paul’s Community Centre

Sun 31st 11.00am       Harvest Sunday, Kinneigh, United Service

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