CDYC Easter Activities

Good morning,
What another lovely morning, as long as it lasts!
Just a quick email to keep you updated with what has been going on recently with our youth.
Over the last few months we have ben busy putting together a drama series with 5 episodes on the Easter Story.This was all done over Zoom with the expertise and help from Ross Jonas and Chris Neilands from Play It By Ear, who organised, helped to write the scripts with 27 young people, recorded and edited the segments.
The first episode will be aired tomorrow at 5pm on the Diocesan Youtube Channel and you can also find it on my CDYC Facebook page.
The following episodes are due out on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 5pm. And the final one on Easter Sunday at 8am.
The teens put a lot of work into this and are both very nervous but also very excited about it’s release tomorrow. But they did an amazing job.Please share it and circulate it as much as you can!
In the past, CDYC used to always hold Sun-Up (residential) on Easter weekend. And on Easter Sunday we used to go to the Warren Beach in Rosscarbery for a sunrise Eucharist Service at 6.30am.
At a recent Youth Zoom night, the teens were reminiscing and spoke about how much they missed it. So I asked them if I could organise it, would they like to have a Zoom service at 6.30am?Most were keen – at the time!!
Dean Peters has kindly (and willingly!) agreed to getting up early to hold an Easter Dawn Service for the youth at 6.30am via Zoom (NO BEACH this year). As the service on the beach in previous years was open to everyone, this Zoom service will also be open to anyone who would like to come along.
The Zoom link will only be given out as requested by people.If you know of anyone who might like to attend, or has attended in the past, please pass the information on.
Wishing you all a lovely Easter and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like me to do or help out with something.
Best wishes,

Hilda Connolly
Diocesan Youth Officer
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facebook – CDYC
Instagram – cdychilda
phone – (086) 8790623

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