Rector’s Communication – August 2023

As we begin this new academic year after our summer break, may we be encouraged to pause for a moment and give thanks to God, if we haven’t already done so, for all His blessings to us and our loved ones. God is ever faithful, and even when life throws a curveball our way, the … [Read more…]

Newsletter – May / Jun 2023

On the 20th April we held our East Vestry meeting in St. Paul’s Hall, Ballymoney. As was the case at the last meeting, the same faithful people attended, and even a few less than the previous time. As your rector, it’s my responsibility to say the uncomfortable things, viz. “Do not take the Lord’s church … [Read more…]

Newsletter – Mar / Apr 2023

Ballymoney National School Spring has arrived, and we have sown some seeds and are looking forward to planting them into our outdoor raised beds when the temperatures begin to rise. We are going on a school tour to visit Darrara Agricultural College to meet the new arrivals in March. We are also going to visit … [Read more…]

Newsletter – Jan / Feb 2023

Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones. I hope that, in the midst of all the festivities that go with Christmas celebrations, you would have had the opportunity to experience the close presence of Mary and Joseph’s baby son, Jesus, also known as Emmanuel, which means, “God is with us.” Some may … [Read more…]

Christmas Services Reminder

Christmas Eve 20:00pm @ St. Patrick’s, Farranthomas Christmas Day 10:00am @ Christ Church, Kilmeen 11:30am @ St. Bartholomew’s, Kinneigh New Year’s Day 11:00am – United Service with baptism @ St. Patrick’s, Farranthomas

January 2023 Service Roster

My wife Ryalene and I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a happy new year. For some of us this has been a long and traumatic year as we come to terms with the loss of our loved ones.  It’s understandable then if we find ourselves not feeling like celebrating this Christmas.  The Lord promises … [Read more…]

Newsletter – December 2022

Ballymoney National School: Our Parent Teacher Association is hosting a ‘Bingo Night’ on Saturday 12th November at 8:30p.m. in the BEDA Hall, Ballineen. The event will include Bingo games, raffle, and complimentary refreshments. Your support would be gratefully appreciated at this fun event. Sponsorship of a Bingo game or a raffle prize would be fantastic. Please contact … [Read more…]

Newsletter – May/June 2022

Greetings to you all.The clocks have moved forward and spring is here. The days are longer and there’s more blue skies and sunshine than we’ve had before. As nature springs into life may we have every confidence and assurance that God is faithful. He promises in scripture not to put us through anything that he … [Read more…]

Newsletter January – February 2021

  With the nativity story of our Lord still fresh in our minds, I’m reminded of the angel’s words of comfort to both Mary and the shepherds as he appeared to them: “Do not be afraid.”   The appearance of heavenly beings to ordinary people would have caused much anxiety to the respective individuals at the … [Read more…]