February ’09 News

The Parish said farewell to the Rev. Judith Hubbard-Jones on 18th January after 6 years of faithful ministry in Kinneigh. She will be instituted on Tuesday 2nd February in her new Parish at Frampton-on-Severn in her native Gloucestershire. The Rev. Judith ended her time with us with a flourish for, on Friday 16th January the Bishop of Cork arrived to bless and formally open an extension to Desertserges School, returning the following Sunday for Judith's last service in St Mary's in Desertserges when he blessed the restored tower of the Church and presided at Holy Communion. This was followed by a farewell party in St. Paul's Parish Centre. Many people will have fond memories of the Rev. Judith as a pastor and leader and for the many achievements she encouraged in the Parish over her 6 years. We wish her God's blessing in her new ministry.

During the vacancy the Rev. Peter T Hanna, an Auxiliary or Non-Stipendiary Minister will have the care of the United Parish. Please pray for the Parochial Nominators – Marjorie Garland, Stephen Buttimer, Rose Shorten and Frances Stanley - as they meet shortly with the Bishop and the Diocesan Nominators to seek for a new Rector to follow the Rev. Judith.

Parish vacancies can draw out the best in parishioners as they realise that the Parish is actually theirs - they live in it and find fellowship among those others with whom they worship. The continuing success of the Parish depends on everyone making an extra effort to support its life and plug some of the gaps that may occur when a Rector departs, and by working to ensure it remains attractive to any potential new Rector.

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