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Easter Vestry Nominations 2008

1) Diocesan Synod RepresentativesFrances Stanley, Jean Buttimer, Sara Shorten, William Duke.Outgoing – David Bourne, Kenneth Strickland, Frances Stanley.
Supplemental Diocesan Synod Members Betty Kingston, Lilian Shorten, Valerie Jennings, Marjorie Garland. Outgoing – Hilary Buttimer, William Duke, Ivan Shorten, Rosie Appelbe

2) Parochial NominatorsStephen Buttimer, Marjorie Garland, Rose Shorten, Frances Stanley.Outgoing – Edith Draper, William Duke, Peter Hosford, Lillian Shorten
Supplemental Parochial Nominators Betty Kingston, Henry Patterson, Jean Buttimer, Edith Draper.Outgoing – Kenneth Strickland, Jean Buttimer, Billy Shorten, Frances Stanley

3) Rector's WardensBetty Kingston, Kilmeen; Billy Shorten, Farranthomas; Valerie Jennings, Desertserges; William Duke, Kinneigh; Lilian Shorten, Glebe. No change this year, but next year People's Wardens will be invited to become Rector's Wardens.
Peoples' Wardens
Frances Stanley, Kilmeen; Rosie Appelbe, Farranthomas; Graham Garland, Desertserges; Dorrie Draper, Kinneigh; Cyril Draper, Glebe. Outgoing - Desertserges, Graham Garland; Farranthomas, Rosie Appelbe; Kilmeen, Francis Buttimer; Kinneigh, Dorrie Draper; Cyril Draper, Glebe. Our thanks especially to Francis Buttimer for his thorough faithfulness as Church Warden for a great many years and all that he does for the church fabric.

4) Select Vestry Shirley Shorten, Harold Shorten, Jean Buttimer, Liz Levis Collins, Francis Buttimer, Stephen Buttimer, Kenneth Shorten, Betty Smith, Susan Eady, John Schofield, Heather Shorten, Keith Ross. Outgoing – Ralph Shorten, Liz Levis Collins, John Anderson, Harold Shorten, Annie Bateman, Kenneth Shorten, John Schofield, Caroline Fogarty, Stephen Buttimer, Hilda Ross, Jean Buttimer, Frances Stanley.
Treasurers Frankie Stanley – Union Treasurer, Kilmeen; Rosie Appelbe - Glebe; Lilian Shorten - Missions, Farranthomas; Hilda Ross, Desertserges; Georgina Deane - Kinneigh. Outgoing - Frankie Stanley – Union Treasurer, Kilmeen; Rosie Appelbe - Glebe; Lilian Shorten - Missions, Farranthomas; Hilda Ross, Desertserges; Kenneth Strickland, Kinneigh.

Jean Buttimer was appointed Minute Secretary at the Select Vestry meeting held after the Easter Vestry. It was noted and approved that Sara Shorten (Diocesan Synod 😉 Hilda Ross and Georgina Deane(Treasurers) are ex-officio members of the Select Vestry, as is Andrew Buttimer who may also attend from time to time. Very many grateful thanks to all outgoing members, many of whom have been re-elected and welcome to the new.

Barnabas Coombes. Aged nearly ninety four, Barney died on 14th March. He was laid to rest at Kilowen on Monday in Holy Week which normally would have been St Patrick's Day (17th March.) A huge congregation at St Mary's Desertserges, we all sang and gave praise for a long life well spent. The church was very dear to him and we still miss his fine singing voice. Talking about him after the service we decided he had been Bandon Grammar School's oldest Old Boy for some time….I wonder who holds that title now? Boy or Girl?!! Our very best wishes and sympathies to all his friends and family.

Holy Week and Easter seem a long time ago now - The Reading of the Passion for three voices and Procession with Donkey and palm crosses for Palm Sunday presented its own atmosphere as did Maundy Thursday and the Washing of Feet at Ballineen Methodist Church. The Good Friday Three Hours at Kinneigh Church focused on the Cross in its many varied forms. Craft work included Celtic crosses, St Brigid's crosses, Taizé crosses; Mexican crosses. A Crossword and a word hunt around the Church yard; we also made Prayer Gardens (miniature Easter Gardens) in plastic containers. We had some forty children and almost as many adults and helpers. A big thank you to all the leaders, helpers and all who joined in so well; to Ian Jonas for being with us and to John Purdy who led us in action songs and a video of the Passion. It is good to see the Good Friday being so ecumenical and involving so many people. We met again that night at Ballineen Methodist for the Tenebrae Service - where candles are extinguished as we again heard the story of Christ's Passion. Thank you John for that. Then Easter itself and the wild colonies of daffodils in the Kilmeen Glebe field were even more wonderful this year - a real symbol of resurrection glory.

The Easter Vestry Meeting was held at St Mary's Desertserges on 30th March after the parish Eucharist; the results of which you have above.

The Rector was just getting ready go to England to see her mother, when the extremely shocking news came through that George Kingston had died. He had been with us on Easter Morning. George Kingston died very suddenly on the morning of 2nd April. As he hadn't been feeling very well the night before, he was in Bantry Hospital, partly as a precautionary measure. Although he was very much a Dunmanway man he regularly attended Christ Church, Kilmeen with his wife Betty (who is church warden) as often as work would allow him to. George was a man of private but strong faith. He had a varied career which included farming, truck driving and coach driving with Galvin's of Dunmanway. The latter he particularly enjoyed and would recount many an amusing - even hilarious – story of the goings on of tourists to Ireland and their couriers. This job took him away to all sorts of interesting places. A skilled and safe driver he made many friends through this work. The Annual Coach Trip which he started will go ahead on 2nd May, this year to Scandinavia. He would have approved of the fact that it should go ahead, but it will seem strange without him. I am sure however, he will be there in spirit and there is sure to be a toast raised in his memory! We will miss that cheery smile with that wink of his; his huge sense of fun and good humour. Our sincere sympathies to Betty, Keith and Sylvia and all the family on such a sudden and tragic loss. A big thank you to Rev. Peter Hanna and all those who took responsibility for the funeral at St Mary's Dunmanway.

Christian Burial 17th March in Kilowen Churchyard – Barnabas (Barney) Coombes

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