July ’09 News

“Heavenly Father, we thank you for the times of rest and relaxation which are given to us in the course of our lives. Teach us to use our leisure and our holidays to rebuild our bodies and renew our minds, and may we be strengthened and refreshed in spirit for our daily work and the service of your kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord.” – Episcopal Church in the USA

Holiday Time

Although flexible working practices mean that people nowadays are not restricted to the summer months for their holidays, the coming months of July and August still represent holiday time for the majority of Irish people, particularly those with school going children. There is something important about getting away from the daily grind, away from those places that are associated with the workplace, to find somewhere different where one can have new experiences which can open and broaden our minds so that we can see our own home situation in a different, even better light. Wherever you may find yourself, seek out a Christian church and marvel that you have a common faith with so many in our world.


The colour red is associated with Pentecost representing as it does the “tongues of fire” that rested on the disciples as they were filled with the Holy Spirit. We need to be reminded that the Holy Spirit has not been withdrawn from the Church and with this in mind parishioners (both men and women) were encouraged to wear something with red in it on Pentecost Sunday. It was encouraging to look down the churches that morning and see the colour red resting on so many people. One lady dressed resplendently in red pointed out that she had come to church in a red car!


For some time dampness has been affecting the internal plasterwork on the south facing wall of St. Patrick's Church. Remedial action has been taken which should eliminate the problem as the wall has been replastered in a manner that allows the free flow of air between the new plaster and the outer stonewall. In addition pew ends that had been damaged by contact with the outer wall have been replaced and a space provided for a wheelchair midway in the body of the church. Splendid new gates have also been hung at the entrance. After a suitable time to allow the plaster to dry and settle the church can be repainted. Thanks indeed to all involved but especially our Churchwardens, William Shorten and Rosie Applebe and Glebewarden Lilian Shorten.

Farranthomas (again)

A successful fund raising Bring and Buy on Friday evening the 5th June has, so far, brought in over €1,300. Thanks again to the organisers and all who came and supported the event.

Christian Aid

Back in May Lilian and Albert Shorten opened their home for an entire day in aid of Christian Aid and raised over €1,300. Thank you Lilian and Albert and all who came and supported this organisation, which is in the front line in providing development aid. In the light of our government's unilateral cutting of promised aid every voluntary contribution counts even more.

Open Garden, Coffee Day and Vintage Display

This day at the home of Frank and Valerie Jennings on Sunday 21st June in aid of ACT (Cancer Treatment at the C U H) was a magnificent success with excellent weather, great support and a superb garden and vintage display. So far the event has raised the fantastic total of over €7,100. Well done to the Jennings and all their supporters.

New Life

Congratulations to Elizabeth (nee Buttimer) and Jason O'Halloran on the birth of Anna, their first child.


Much will have changed by the time the new term and new school year starts in our schools in Desertserges and Ballymoney in late August/early September. Some pupils will have moved on to secondary level, most other pupils will have moved to higher classes and changes may even have occurred in the status of one or two teachers. But more of that when this magazine returns in two months time. In the meantime we wish all our pupils and teachers well and look forward to the start up in the autumn.

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