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At the start of May the three-month period allocated to the Board of Nomination to find a new Rector came to an end, unfortunately without success. The responsibility of finding a Rector now becomes the responsibility of our Bishop and in this task we commend him to your prayers. In his letter to the Parish the Bishop writes, “I will now have to allow some time to elapse between the work of the Board and continuing with fresh energy, prayer and research the particular task of finding you a Rector. Our certain belief and trust is that God will call someone to minister among you.” We thank sincerely the members of the Board for their efforts and in particular the Parish Nominators - Frances Stanley, Marjorie Garland, Stephen Buttimer and Rose Shorten.

In the meantime the work of the Church continues in this pleasant part of mid-west Cork, our priorities being the worship of God, the making known of his saving grace through Jesus Christ and the living out of Spirit filled lives.

Easter General Vestry

Following a united parish service of Holy Communion on Sunday the 19th April, the Easter Vestry was held in St. Mary's Church, Desertserges. Not being a triennial year the business proper related to the nomination/election of Churchwardens, Glebewardens and 12 members to make up the Select Vestry for the coming year. Those chosen are:-

  • Kinneigh – Incumbent's Churchwarden: William Duke. People's: Dorothy Draper
  • Farranthomas - Incumbent's Churchwarden: William Shorten. People's: Rosie Applebe
  • Desertserges - Incumbent's Churchwarden: Valerie Jennings. People's: Graham Garland
  • Kilmeen - Incumbent's Churchwarden: Betty Kingston. People's: Frances Stanley (Treas.)
  • Glebewardens - Incumbent's: Lilian Shorten (Treas.) People's: Cyril Draper
  • Select Vestry - Shirley Shorten, Liz Levis Collins, Francis Buttimer, Harold Shorten, Betty Smith, Kenneth Shorten, Stephen Buttimer, John Anderson, Sara Shorten, Hilda Ross (Treas.), Georgina Deane (Treas.), Jean Buttimer (Hon. Sec.)

Subsequently the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurers were elected (as above).

In his address, the Rev. Peter Hanna (Priest-in-Charge) paid tribute to the former Rector, Rev. Judith (Hubbard) Jones and spoke about the task of the Nominators in seeking a new Rector. He outlined the changes in the nature of parochial ministry from the days of one Parish, one Rector to today with Unions of Parishes and the growing number of Auxiliary ministers. Looking to the future he saw the possibility of a small number of professional clergy/administrators in each Diocese overseeing a larger number of Auxiliary ministers with specific responsibility for the liturgical and pastoral care of the people in the Parishes. In thanking all those involved in the many aspects of parochial life he encouraged the parishioners to see that there is something to be gained from a vacancy in that it brings out in a new way the support and involvement of the people who make up the Parish, which in effect is everyone.

A C T (Aid Cancer Treatment)

Many people are aware of fund raising events that take place to support the work of cancer treatment at Cork University Hospital. In Valerie Jennings, Churchwarden at Desertserges, we have someone who not alone has been successfully running an Open Day at her home for a number of years to raise awareness and much needed funds (over €27,000 to date), but is a person whose own story is remarkable. In 2003 after an initial misdiagnosis Valerie was found to have breast cancer resulting in two successive operations in the summer of that year. Concerned to help other women she started fund raising as well as talking to women with similar experiences. But in 2007 Valerie was found to have a Thyroid deficiency, which led to another major operation, which in turn led to further complications. If this wasn't enough Valerie became seriously ill with Bacterial Meningitis at the beginning of 2009 when for a few days she was in a coma in the C.U.H. Back home she is making a slow but steady recovery. For many people in these circumstances a withdrawal from any activity would be understandable, but this indomitable lady is presently planning the next Open Day in support of A C T, to be held on 21st June from 10.00am to 8.00pm at the Jennings home at Cashel Beg, Enniskeane. On display will be their garden as well as vintage vehicles with coffee and refreshments being available. Their home is on the N71 - Bandon to Clonakilty road (opposite Hosford's Garden Centre). For Valerie she is grateful to be alive and gives thanks for the great support of family and friends and particularly for the prayers made for her recovery. Please note this date in your diaries, calendars, the backs of your hands or wherever you note important dates and come to help others who are undergoing or need cancer treatment.

Ballymoney National School

On the 30th April the pupils held a School Science Exhibition for their families on the theme of that essential element in our lives - water. On the 7th May the Junior Classroom went on a tour to Clonakilty and had a great time visiting the Garda Station, the Fire Station and of course the Model Railway Village. On the 14th May the whole school was involved in National Spring Clean with the Junior Classroom picking up litter in the playground whilst the Seniors picked up litter in Ballineen Village. On the 28th May the Senior classroom is planning a school trip to Russagh Mills Adventure Centre in Skibbereen where kayaking, abseiling, orienteering, archery and raft building are on the agenda.

Enniskeane Flower Festival

Although held under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church to raise funds for the restoration of their church building in Enniskeane, this Flower Festival in April had a distinct ecumenical flavour as it involved not only a number of parishioners but also included our two schools. Both Desertserges and Ballymoney national schools had collage displays. Over €17,000 was raised during the weekend of the festival. Local support of this nature reflects the co-operation that exists on the ground between the churches.

Buttimer Coffee Day

A very successful day was held at the home of Richard, Jean and Andrew Buttimer in aid of Co Action, Clonakilty, West Cork Carers Support Group, and Alzheimer's and Cystic Fibrosis support groups on Saturday 25th April. To date over €3,350 has been raised, a truly magnificent effort. Many thanks to the Buttimer family at Kilvurra and congratulations to Andrew on his recent significant birthday!


There was a large congregation in Kilmeen Church for the Baptism of Noah Mortell on Sunday 26th April. It was great to have family involvement in the service with Noah's grandfather, David Pickering from England reading one of the lessons and his grand aunt, Sr. Mary Mortell leading the prayers. We pray for Noah as he begins his Christian life, praying also for his parents Edmond and Belinda and the godparents.

From the Registers


April 26th In Christ Church, Kilmeen - Noah Sonny, son of Edmond and Belinda Mortell

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