West Cork Welcomes “Julia”

A Ferry link between Swansea in Wales and Cork is due to be resumed after a west Cork tourism co-operative completed the purchase of a Finnish vessel for €7.8 million. The Julia , which will operate under the Fastnet Line brand, will arrive in Cork in the coming weeks.

1911 Census

1911 census records were released recently for Cork. I have transcribed some of the details, focusing on Church of Ireland parishioners. The first transcript is for the townlands of Desertserges, and can be found here.

August ’09 News

Vacancy As we write we are conscious that there are four parish vacancies in the Diocese at present and each is equally deserving of a new rector, so each should be prayed for – this parish of Kinneigh Union, Ballydehob Union, Kilgariffe Union and Templebreedy Group. H1N1 Influenza Following on the interim advice of the … [Read more…]

History: Rev. William Bell

This is a somewhat dark story from the history of the union.

On the evening of Saturday 1st November 1902 the Rev William Bell was found apparently burned to death in his hay-barn…

July ’09 News

“Heavenly Father, we thank you for the times of rest and relaxation which are given to us in the course of our lives. Teach us to use our leisure and our holidays to rebuild our bodies and renew our minds, and may we be strengthened and refreshed in spirit for our daily work and the … [Read more…]

June ’09 News

Vacancy At the start of May the three-month period allocated to the Board of Nomination to find a new Rector came to an end, unfortunately without success. The responsibility of finding a Rector now becomes the responsibility of our Bishop and in this task we commend him to your prayers. In his letter to the … [Read more…]

April ’09 News

Vacancy The vacancy continues. We wait, we pray and we give the Nominators space to do their work. In the meantime the prime function of the Church, which is the worship of God, continues. A little extra is called from each of us, and forbearance if some things have to be put on hold. Rural … [Read more…]

March ’09 News

Rev. Judith Hubbard-Jones The Rev. Judith finished her ministry among the good people of Kinneigh Union with a flourish. Friday 12th January saw the dedication of the extension of Desertserges National School whilst on her final service the following Sunday in St. Mary’s, Desertserges the restored tower of the church was rededicated. On both occasions … [Read more…]

February ’09 News

The Parish said farewell to the Rev. Judith Hubbard-Jones on 18th January after 6 years of faithful ministry in Kinneigh. She will be instituted on Tuesday 2nd February in her new Parish at Frampton-on-Severn in her native Gloucestershire. The Rev. Judith ended her time with us with a flourish for, on Friday 16th January the … [Read more…]

January ’09 News

Slán This is my last (or possibly penultimate) writing of Kinneigh Notes as I will be departing these shores on the 22nd January. It does feel very strange on several accounts – we’ll all be reading the Diocesan Magazine in January and I am writing this early December before I’ve even got round to thinking … [Read more…]